Branding Magazine | May to June 2018


Oysters & Posh: Influencer Marketing Case Study of Noma Ndebele & Posh

In Brand Ideology, Oysters and Posh are brands that work together to use relational techniques with consumers in a cloak and dagger game that results in growth in influence and in sales.


Lyn, the Engineered Beauty in Showbiz, Pg5

The School of Branding and Marketing, Pg7

Cafe Espresso at Airports in Zimbabwe and Zambia, Pg10

Ted Baker Harare, Pg11

Not Everyone Can Do the Grind, Pg13

Publications that Think, Pg14

Creating an Industry: A Marketer’s Review Dancehall in Zimbabwe, Pg15

What Kind of Model Are You?, Pg18

The Market Place is not a Cage, Pg21

Wimpy is not Nandos, Pg23

Pepsi and Coke Are Fighting to Get You to Drink Soda Again, Pg25

Gucci's Online Sales More Than Double, Pg26

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