Julius Malema, Phillip Chiyangwa, Richard Brandson, Milton Kamwendo, and Grace Mugabe Julius Malema, Phillip Chiyangwa, Richard Brandson, Milton Kamwendo, and Grace Mugabe

In Brand Ideology, a brand must be weaponised from birth.

To Weaponise is to produce or refine (a substance or biological agent, for example) for use as a weapon.

A brand must be a typification of your intent to dominate from its introduction to your desired audience; otherwise there was no need to give birth to the same.

Cited brands in this article include Ecocash, One Wallet, Johnny Walker, Red Bull, Julius Malema, Econet, Telone, Clear Horizons, Virgin, KUPA Creative, Pinnacle Properties, Kingstons, Innov8 and Old Mutual.

In this Advertising Age, a weaponised brand is your only chance for dominion and profitability.

Weak brands are weak because they were born and raised in weakness; Brand Weaponisation ensures strength is a brand’s portion.

Brand Weaponisation the continual preparatory development of a brand’s ideology that includes Gestation, Penetration, Manoeuvre, Ruling and Reigning strategic phases; all time bound missions, repeatable, and requiring a conqueramental attitude for effective deployment.

PHASE I – Up Close and Personal (Gestation)

In the first phase the brand owner moulds the ideology of the brand with love, personalising everything about the brand hence “up close and personal”.

The brand must know that it is being developed with love, moulded from head to toe with attractiveness engrafted in its DNA and language, getting all the attention; an A+ product.

In Brand Weaponisation ugly is not an option; brands must be sexified.

Every consumer has a weakness for sweetness; hence fill your brand with all manner of goodness making it loveable by its primary consumer.

Sweeten the thoughts and language of your brand must be done so that when it goes out there to lure consumption profitability is the least result it attains.

In sweetening the brand you must give it a specific scent, possessing a scent from sweet cologne that consumers catch and follow for pleasure.

Your brand must have a sweet attractiveness, a delightful loveliness; irresistibility that none consumers will consume even its name only; now enter Johnny Walker.

Johnny Walker is loved by non-alcohol consumers as much as alcohol ones because it’s Brand Ideology is weaponised. 

Speak to your brand as you construct it, telling it that it is not its fault that it is hotter than pepper, making sure that it believes in itself as much as you do.

Make sure that your brand is prepared for the Spotlight; having the right features that block traffic when it passes by.

Spotlighting your brand is very important because you remove that natural defeatist guilt that comes upon a brand when introduced to a market.

Spotlighting a brand is like causing consumers to become judge and jury of your brand, charging it with being guilty of being attractive, because it gives them wings; Red Bull.

To safeguard the potency, a brand must be trademarked, protecting its intellectual property, as it is anticipated that this weaponisation will generate profit perpetually. 

At the end of this phase it must be easy for everyone to fall in love with the brand; coming “Up Close and Personal” in consumption and following of the same.

PHASE I – Buzz (Penetration)

Second in brand weaponisation is the Buzz phase; Market Penetration.

When your brand enters the market its ideology will be felt by the level of buzz it creates just by being itself; weaponised or not.

As it begins its Buzz, know that objectivity is centred on giving light to consumers, creating a new dance that rocks the stages of market segments.

Consumers need to be enticed, giving reason to follow, and all consumers follow the light of brands; this is the brand ideology of weaponisation. 

A brand must be potent and its potency is tested on market penetration.

All brands have a vibe they communicate when they are introduced; a flow, way of moving, adoptable by its followers.

Within the Buzz phase, a brand must engage in warfare in the market; pressing the trigger.

Fearful brands are afraid to engage from onset that crippling their growth as a market force, thus the difference between ECOCASH and ONEWALLET – weaponisation.

A brand must decide to engage in market warfare from entry, whether they are the first to enter or the last to enter the same market; war is war; thus the strength of JULIUS MALEMA the political brand.

A brand must be able to say “I am not afraid to start a war”, because it knows that it can bust the branding and sales gun if competition want war; especially on moral grounds.

In Brand Ideology, it is allowed to engage your nemesis giving them a brand war.

The Buzz phase entitles your brand to chop off your competition’s stronghold on the market limb by limb without approval.

The Buzz weaponisation is all to the satisfaction of consumer regarding thus as their hit man – thus TELONE was telephonically taken out by ECONET.

Brand weaponisation extends the butchering business to “pork-chopping” the strength of your brand nemesis.

KINGSTONS Bookshops have suffered at the hands of its “slaughter house” Innov8 Bookshops; limb by limb.

You are allowed in branding to be the abattoir of your competition; only if you are a weaponised brand.

PHASE III – Ice Rider (Manoeuvre)

Third in Brand Weaponisation is ensuring the movement of your brand in the market is as a skilled Ice Rider; manoeuvring fearlessly in the market

Ice Riding in Brand Ideology entails the engraftment of skills necessary to position self in profitable segments, providing relevant products to the season and audience.

Often brands are incapable to adopt and adapt because their brand ideology on how to move is bleak; clarity must be obvious.

A brand must adopt concepts and methods that bring profit, whilst adapting to all weather in the market place; irresistibility coupled with resilience. 

It can be that when many brands are offering undefined Company Secretarial services, there is a brand that is taking its clients to Clear Horizons because “Clarity is Obvious”; a weaponised brand.

A brand must believe that it is of high grade, a pure breed, able to take consumers from where they were not to where they need to be.

Ability to make consumers believe in your brand is an art developed in Ice Ridding; thus why PINNACLE Holdings thrives as a property developer in a tough market.

A weaponised brand has it going on, able to turn on the love buds of its consumers with just the way it moves in the market.

Move in the market place guns high, causing losses on your competition as you collect all manner of consuming followers; weaponisation ensures this happens.

Fuse, as it were the personality of a mad cobra with excitement of a master gambler in Vegas; guns high.

PHASE IV – Pepper (Ruling) 

Just as princes rule, whilst kings reign, a brand must enter its fourth phase, setting out from the gully to become a god; like pepper from a genius kitchen in a big ship.

Pepper speaks of a certain ownership of market leadership bestowed upon a weaponised brand as it climbs up the ladder in its market

By this fourth phase a weaponised brand must have a volcanic eruption in its market, building a mansion in the skies of profitability, establishing its godly status.

“This is not just a tune” must be the song of the weaponised brand as it rules and demonstrates its dominion in its market; market leadership is action not speech.

From onset a weaponised brand knows that a little ambassador is still an ambassador that still possesses the same diplomatic status as those that are of age; pepper, the language of VIRGIN from conception.

Whilst large agencies manage listed company accounts, KUPA Creative works at raising SMEs to ZSE listed status.

Only a prince understands his identity, and thus must every brand’s DNA be made of; making sure they know that no weapon formed against them shall proper.

As a prince does not need convincing they are royalty, a market leading brand has no need of reminding others that it leads.

A brand with an unhealthy ideology will never enjoy their rise in the market, hardly recognising its consumers; thus affecting wallet and mind influence.

Princes in branding are trendsetter brands that change the behaviour of their consumers, creating new realities for them.

PHASE V – Warlord (Reigning)

In Brand Ideology, a weaponised brand eventually becomes a Warlord; a king and warrior as they enforce and maintain their reign.

Kingdoms are established by Warlords that becomes kings thereof; thus so in market leadership by weaponised brands.

No brand should claim market leadership if it does no behave in a warlike manner; branding is war for market and mind share profitability.

A weaponised brand is a Vigilante, War Analyst, Lord of War able to engage in market warfare of brands, ensuring continual profitability.

A king can declare war with an enemy when and if their sovereignty is under attack; territory must be defended and some must be acquired in the market, and only Warlords do this.

As much as profit is interesting in small dosages, volumes of the sweetness of market and mind dominance must be continually sought; this being basis of Old Mutual growth.

Through decrees, and war, the way of the Warlord is the only way that is adhered to whether competition says “oh no”, as the Warlord’s consumers will always say “oh yes”.

An effective brand does not care what back biters, as is knows such are still suckling babies of their parents when ideology is compared; the Warlord must remind them to keep sucking the breast.

Market leadership is not for juveniles, as no town in brand ideology has been known to be run by toddlers of branding.

It is legal for a brand to deploy strategies that displace competition by thought and move as a woman dashes out an ineffective lover that did not appreciate what he had.

The domain of the Warlord must be visible and known by consumer and competition; that is the essence of brand weaponisation.

Concluding Remarks

Until you are ready to engage, it is not advisable to release a brand that has not been weaponised. 

A brand can be weaponised from birth; thus the story of KUPA Creative Works.

Zimbabwean brands must be weaponised.

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