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Think Impossible. Think Execution of Branding.

In Brand Ideology, there is a thought that supposes if your brand were a MIRACLE; its execution in the market of Zimbabwe must be as Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

A brand must become law in its market and Brand Makandiwarisation allows the necessary thought instruments that become legal as they are executed.

Brand Makandiwarisation is a deliberation of delivering miracle after miracle of a brand in the presence of critics; though the amusement of your audience. 

As are Gravity or Negative Elevation are laws, thus must be the presence and performance of your brand as that of Miracles when they are Makandiwarised. 

Many birth and develop brands yet forget that every encounter with a brand must be at least as spectacular as the last one. The potency of a brand must be as zesty on day 100 as was on day one.

Many businesses want their brands to possess a heavy consumable presence when the brands themselves have nothing potent in them. The power of a Brand’s Ideology is what attracts the purse of the consumer.

In branding, dependent on the market, alas all markets are the same, being demanding, the brand owner needs to perform miracles either in thought or in market execution.

Often brands are well thought out, possessing adequate amounts of zest in passion but problems come at execution time, whence the brand suddenly becomes fearful and wimpy.

The execution of your brand must be as the performing of miracles by someone that knows that they can perform them, and doing one extra is as a preschool child reciting colours they already know. 

Some brands are incapable of performing Brand Makandiwarisation because of over celebration of untested thought and potency of their brand ideology. 

Poor Brand Makandiwarisation happens when “freedom squares” are declared without well deliberated brand ideologies, then tantrums run wild when “bhora mughedhis” scoop the market.

There is no crime in setting your brand apart in your ideology and conduct in a market, and then following up with action. There is however something wrong with setting your brand apart in you shallow ideology, and then not backing it up with action.

A well Makandiwarised brand will have even the employees of the brand believing that the brand is the next best thing to Moses parting the red sea that is why Zulu is the only native tribe the world knows of South Africa.

When the belief in a brand starts with the owner of the brand, carefully communicated to its generals, and soldiers, the natural course of it is dominance to the extent of converting enemies into allies. 

The elements of a well Makandiwarised brand include Potency, Language, Drive and Order, these determining profit or loss of a brand desiring dominance at a fast pace.

The first element in Brand Makandiwarisation is Potency, whence a brand must have a well-defined ideology that is clear and evident of its identity. As are UFOs there are some brands that are trading as them, as consumers are not able to really identify what they are regards to ideology. 

Brands that desired to be well Makandiwarised must from onset say in their minds “WIMPY is not NANODS in Harare”. 

It is a fact that you can no longer enjoy a family meal with WIMPY as you now do with NANDOS. 

Due to the lacklustre performance of WIMPY, NANDOS has just simply become arrogant about themselves and customers love it.

The second element is Brand Makandiwarisation is Language, whence a brand must always speak from a position of authority and not tutorage. A brand that speaks without authority is as a motivational speaker leading an army against war on terrorism, giving nuggets instead of stratagem. 

As milk is to babes, the meat of Brand Ideology is to those brands that speak as WARLORDS. Brands were created to dominate not to participate in dominion.

WAR in business is inevitable, therefore WARLORD is the position your brand needs to take despite its size, worth or adversity.

Business is not a joyride from the brand’s perspective, as the purpose of the brand is to perform no matter how much fun you, the brand owner are having. Hence branding to the brand is war, and war is won by WARLORDS.

The term WARLOARD means one who espouses the ideal that war is necessary, and has the means and authority to engage in war. This is the mind of a profit oriented brand manager. Anything less is unacceptable.

When developing a brand, purpose in your mind that this brand will stand out and be counted as either “it” or in “the league of the distinguished”, otherwise close shop and kill the brand.

Within Language, to fully Makandiwarise a brand, it must be a CROWD SCIENTIST. The Crowd Scientist brand understands the aerodynamics of verbal energy, controlling the attention of his crowd with calculated verbal eruptions that are designed to stimulate jubilation and continual consumption.

The verbal eruptions of a Crowd Scientist brand are aimed at redirecting consumer traffic to the brand’s utopia. This is the place where every brand promises consumers yet many seldom reach. 

Every consumer standing in a crowd has a desire to be singled out and the Crowd Scientist brand has the ability to make each consumer feel as though they are the only ones.

Such brands have the ability to convince consumers that “even if you were the only one that consumes our brand, we will still produce it a million times over”.

The third and the fourth elements in Brand Makandiwarisation can be encapsulated in one ideology, thus a brand must be as a FIREBALL shot out by the galaxy into the atmosphere toward the earth. Your brand should just be introduce and manoeuvre guns blazing regardless opinion or competition due to their energy limitations.

A FIREBALL, in Science, is quark–gluon plasma created in a particle accelerator or, more generally, the system formed in relativistic particles collisions.

A FIREBALL brand is one that moves in the market at an arrogant pace to the satisfaction of consumers in the midst of critics, though the latter has no energy enough to run at the FIREBALL’s pace.

FRIEBALL BRANDING is a branding ideology that demands much preparation before entry into the market, as that energy is the only source of strength as clients consume the brand.

If you have determined to have your brand dominate the market, consider infusing the Law of Brand Makandiwarisation into your business and watch what happens.

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