The Clarity CEO: Trust Jeferson, PhD

Trust Jeferson, PhD Trust Jeferson, PhD

There are dreamers, but there are also dream builders, and in this category Trust Jeferson is The Clarity CEO.

The Clarity CEO is founder and lead company secretarial consultant at Clear Horizons Private Limited, a management services firm based in Harare with small to large scale enterprise clients in Zimbabwe and all of the Southern region of Africa.

‘Clarity is obvious’, the marketing campaign motto of Clear Horizons, coined by its founder in 2013, and has since been defining the level of service delivery, with speed and dexterity, as the cheetah travelling through all the red tape of company registration, tax, and accounting services.

Trust Jefferson is one such man who is impartial in identifying greenfield entrepreneurial opportunities in food production and services in Africa, pursuant of leading a mammoth organisation producing 5% of Africa’s food as measured from consumption statistics.

This ambitious man is a qualified holder of a Master’s Degree in Business Leadership (MBL), Masters in Business Administration (MBA) ZOU, Bachelor of Commerce Honors Degree in Management (NUST, Bulawayo), Chartered and Certified Accountant (FCCA), Associate Member, ACIS, Institute of Secretaries and Administrators Diploma, Member of the Institute of Chartered Tax Accountants (ICTA) in Zimbabwe, Candidate to Doctorate ,Philosophy in Corporate Restructuring (D.Phil.) and Doctorate Degree student in Business Restructuring with emphasis on Divestitures, Mergers.

Trust Jefferson has comprehensive experience in financial management and business reengineering. 

He has handled a number of regional consulting assignments at Price Waterhouse Coopers and consulted a number of NGOs on planning and implementation, including setting up strategic procurement systems.

He started and nursed a greenfield management consultancy business and added value to corporates in diverse businesses from telecoms, transport and agriculture. 

Trust Jefferson has thorough understanding and a wide practice of tax advisory services and also a natural team player and approachable office holder.

From October 2005 to March 2006 Trust Jefferson worked as a Project Finance Assistant at South African Airways (Harare). 

His responsibilities included manning a chronic and challenging bank reconciliation exercise from 2001.

 He would process travel agent reconciliations to establish a business case with bankers and handle meetings with clients, travel agents, bankers and VISA International in developing the 

SAA claim. Trust Jefferson would also implement the CARD CLEAR system, and recover US$12m from VISA and Bankers.

Currently Trust Jefferson is working at Clear Horizons (Private) Limited as the Company Secretary/Principal Consultant. 

His responsibilities include, drafting financials for the firm and client organisations and implementing financial systems. He executes the usual human resources administrative duties for the firm and handles the legal documents drafting duties producing memoranda of understanding (MoUs), contracts, and procurement agreements and monitoring of the same.

Trust Jefferson also monitors implementation by American Jewish World Service (AJWS) by local grantee partners. 

He carries out service costing for the development of fee notes/invoices and mobilizes and implementing support for small NGOs to have properly set up and performance enabling systems. 

He is able to assist various NGOs with compliance and financial reporting and audits. He also does treasury management (cash flow, reconciliations and bank and correspondent).

From as small as street vendor, Trust Jeferson has helped the establishment of businesses in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, and DRc, just to name a few.

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