Kunyora Kwaro: Charlton Tsodzo, PhD

Charlton Tsodzo, PhD Charlton Tsodzo, PhD

Everyone selling something, leadership, products or services, must at some point stand, speak and try and convince their audience to consume their idea; enter Charlton C. Tsodzo, PhD.

He is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Maendeleo Inc., a Development Research and Communications Company. 

A PhD mentor to doctorate students in several African countries, and an international Developmentalist, Charlton C. Tsodzo has authored motivational and academic development books such as Bhora Mberi and PhDymistified.

Living in an era of increased levels of knowledge and skills, awesome ideologies and philosophies, brilliant ideas and innovation business products, influence requires more than just brilliance and intelligence now. 

It requires that the influencer masters the art of standing, speaking and convincing audiences. Not sitting down until they have articulated their ideas clearly, until they have convinced audiences, clients, voters, business partners or investors to take action, support or make important decisions. 

Mastering this art completes the modern-day influencer and separates them from the rest. This book helps you master this art.

The book, Stand, Speak, Convince Them! Mastering the Art of Convincing Audiences targets African speakers, influencers entrepreneurs, politicians, preachers, marketers and anyone else anyone else who has an audience to convince. 

It gives tips and hacks on effect speechmaking, verbal and non-verbal communication, body language, having stage presence in front of audiences as well effect delivery of presentations, impromptu speeches among other short speeches. 

The book also gives advice on effective pitching, facilitation, moderation and being an effective master of ceremonies among other interesting public speaking scenarios. It’s a packed book, 30 chapters, organized in sections and very easy to read too.  Every public speaker needs this book.

The author has practical experience in empirical social science research methodologies, research and programme design, implementation and quality control across fields such as development economics, public health, education and skills development, rights-based approaches, transparency and accountability, youth development programming, gender and development, Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D), media and development, conflict transformation and peace-building, social policy, organisational development and governance, livelihoods  as well as in the environmental sciences. 

He is also a trainer and capacity builder in programmes related to the above-mentioned disciplines, with experiences in research, writing and editorial work for country human development reports in the SADC region. 

He also possesses vast experience in curriculum development in the above mentioned subjects at both graduate and post-graduate levels as well supervision and examination of research thesis in the subject areas.

Currently, Charlton Tsodzo is a Managing Consultant at the ZimRights Socio-economic Rights and Cultural Justice Barometer Project. Besides this he is also an Associate Research Fellow with the Institute of Development Studies, National University of Science and Technology.

He had worked for Knowledge Centre for Africa Development Consultancy as Managing Consultant from September 2008 – November 2009 and at Young Voices Network Zimbabwe as a Consultant/Associate Technical Advisor from 2007-2009.

With all the experiences he has gone through, Dr C Tsodzo is also a motivational speaker who is effective in sharing the experiences and knowledge acquired as a result of the journey he has travelled.

He stands, speaks and he convinces his audiences in business and civic society.

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