Lyn, the Engineered Beauty in Showbiz

Branding Magazine interviewed a beautiful Engineer in training at NUST, Lyn Mazerenganwa, a 22 Filmmaker, Motivational Speaker, Actress, Poet, and Scriptwriter, based in Bulawayo.

Full of wit, tact, and tenacity, Lyn is passionate about her career in engineering and her showbiz passion, which she is building in dual-mode, a double edged sword she wants to be.

Contrary to the belief of many that beauty has no brains, there are more female engineers in academia in Africa, and the Zimbabwean beauty is showcasing her brains just as visible as her beauty.

Lyn has two short films on YouTube, whose views have gone past 2,000 in two weeks. See short films below.

The first one is called Discretion, a short film about a backstabbing friend without integrity, stealing her friend's dream, only because the friend had no discretion.

The second one is called Karma, a short film about a young lady that went out and just that one time she got drunk she was raped and caught HIV.

Q: Who is Lyn, what does she do for a living, how old is she?

A: Lyn is a student at NUST doing industrial engineering part 3, and she is 22 years old. Her passion is motivational speaking, film making, poetry and acting.

Q: So what is an Industrial Engineer doing in the Show Biz world?

A: [She chuckles] It’s my passion. Our society does not support talent that much, it values educational knowledge so I just found myself having better grades and following everyone else. But in the middle I realised that my passion was still calling me, so I decided to start with short films and see if it was worth it. I think the society is loving it.

Q: So will you group both the engineer side and the showbiz side of you or you will kill engineering if showbiz pays fast big money and fame...

A: For now, I am grooming both but one thing I know for sure is I will never leave the showbiz industry because I love being there despite the outcome, also its tough out there so I won’t leave engineering either because I want to earn a living.


Q: Suppose you were to make a hit nationally with your short films, and get attention of big advertising, and also film producers, will that change your life, and how will it do so; the impact on your life and lifestyle?

A: Of course that will mean better food better clothes, but I love the people m meeting right now and the society I grew up in, that won’t change, what will change is that my lifestyle will even motivate and educate people more and beta since I will have more coverage and more attention.

Q: Have you written a book on motivation?

A: Not yet but m making a video

Q: Do you have a manager, producer, or so far this is all self-administered and directed?

A: so far its self-administered and directed.

Q: What is the source of your inspiration, what drives you, who is your role model?

A: What inspires mi is the interesting educative untold stories which occur in our society. What drives mi is the passion to bring back self-motivation hard work and awareness into the society. My role model is Tyler Perry, he writes and acts his own films, and I find them very educative and interesting, they portray the society very well.

Q: Given a choice, money or fans, right now, what would you want first?

A: My fans of course.


Q: Your last words in this interview. What would you tell your new fans and Followers?

A: This is just the start; I am fighting to get better every day and would love to carry all my fans and followers along, I dream to see a very big change in the lives of my fans and followers through my passion.

Branding Magazine celebrates Lyn, the rising star in Engineering and Showbiz in Zimbabwe.

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