THE ANGEL FACTOR: The Controversy of Branding and Bottles

Let’s talk bottles, dancing and branding awhile, because there is an Angel Factor that comes with Zodwa WaBantu. No, you demon chasing Zimbabweans, Angel Factor is an energy drink not what you are thinking.

The story of Zodwa has created many controversies but we must stop and look at the bottles as Zimbabwe, and ask what one of our own has done with a bottle act of her own – Bev Sibanda.

What Zodwa does with a bottle, a foot, pantiles-ness, can build a house, get brand ambassadorship and cause stir in a neighbouring country; whilst what Bev does with a bottle, a bum, and vigorous energy, gets her ridiculed, featured in cheap videos, and overworked. That is the reality of brand order and disorder.

The distance between the deliberate and disciplined brands is the difference between the rich and the poor in the socialite and entertainment world on this planet, and Zimbabwe or South Africa are no exceptions.

All can remember that the main event of the Harare Carnival has to have some form of striper or close to, dancer that flaunts what she has, and Bev was at the top of the agenda when carnival starts.

Bev Sibanda is known for her bottle act, but that soon faded away as more dancers could do other things with other utensils. 

Now came Zodwa, from South Africa, into Zimbabwe, first in Bulawayo, heading for the Harare Carnival; with a bottle.

Zodwa is a Brand Ambassador of Angel Factor Energy Drink from South Africa, who endorsed her in July 2017, as revealed by

First she was a Brand Ambassador of Savannah, then she became that of Angel Factor.

“Writing on her facebook page, she said,”#AngelFactorEnergyDrink Deal in the Bag. I can’t thank God enough and thanks to that first person who decided to take a video while I was dancing living my simple life not aware that I can get paid from it ENERGY BEYOND LIMITS LIKE”

Zodwa’s trademark image always featured a Savanna bottle, but it seems like the Marketing team at the popular alcohol brand did not see the power in the Zodwa brand as an influencer.”

Clearly Zodwa is not just some cheap minded brand that is looking for likes on social media like many socialites in Zimbabwe and South Africa, but she is a brand with a simple profitable business model. 

Stop judging the person before you look at the brand and a professional artist knowing what she is doing; making money.

In people branding, money follows those that are organised not those that are only beautiful and have picture likes on social media.

Image consultants and brand managers are happy in Zimbabwe as Zodwa has woke some of these beauties without profitable brains.

Zimbabwe, stop being jealous of Zodwa who uses a bottle to make money, whilst Bev has never been endorsed by any beer, energy, or cider company.

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