Think Impossible. Think Selling Anything. 

Selling must become an engineering science in Zimbabwe, for our economy to grow.

Sales people in Zimbabwe are being asked to be able to sell anything; this is possible, as long as certain things are put in place in the mind and in action.

After Zimbabwe’s dramatic economics over the past decade, the Sales executive, Manager, or Director of a business is now competing for their consumer’s wallet with not just competition by anyone deeming themselves capable in the said market.

In yester years, sales people were specific people in the business, but today every worker is now called to be a direct sales person or an indirect one; that means everyone is a sales person.


Meanwhile, Network Selling or Multi-level Marketing has become the latest behaviour of most sales people, many quitting their employ to become entrepreneurs in Sales.

There has now arisen need for a sales person or business executive to be able to sell anything and this is the basis of becoming a Sales Engineer.

Based on Zimbabwean current affairs, we have developed thinking relevant to the sales person and executive that includes understanding ICHABOD, ZIVOLUTION, PROFIT RELATIONS, WATERHOLE THEORY, CROWD SCIENCE, RAINMAKER THEORY, BRAND MAKANDIWARISATION, SPREZZATAURA, MUGEYISM, CENTRE FORWARD and NYENGOLOGY.

As a Sales Engineer, the sales person must be able to face competition and say “anything is anything”, ready to fend off hyenas and hunt successfully.


Firstly, everyone and business that needs positive change in selling is at a point we call “ICHABOD”; a place where THE MONEY HAS DEPARTED. 

When the money has departed, it is gone, and it must return, as the glory of the Lord to a lifeless church.

The departure of money in Zimbabwean wallets has made people spend selfishly, not necessarily wisely, as even the consumer is fast becoming a circumventor of the owner of the product or service.


ICHABOD has been affected by what we a ZIVOLUTION that is happening in Zimbabwe; thus a movement FROM INDIGENOUS TO START-UP.

The ZIVOLUTION is happening in a manner only understood as disruptive economics as Zimbabwe has redefined certain laws of economics, changing a worker into an entrepreneur just because they deem it possible.

The ZIVOLUTION has developed a need to educate new sales people with old ways of selling, e.g. developing and managing leadings, meeting sales targets, and following through an order with payment and delivery of the product of service.


In order to curb the negative impact of the ZIVOLUTION the sales person, brand, business, or its owners, can either focus on PUBLIC Relations or PROFIT Relations as they develop relationships with consumers.

PUBLIC RELATIONS (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public.

PROFIT RELATIONS is the premeditated relating of a brand or business to its publics with the sole objective of PROFIT for both parties involved, thus denoting elements of Brand or Business Development. 


Every Sales Engineer that understands Profit Relations must then be able to build a waterhole as is in the Savannah woodlands of Zimbabwe’s National Parks.

To build one, the Sales Engineer has to use and be familiar with internet technologies, and Social Media a must.

The Waterhole Theory dictates that SOCIAL MEDIA has brought people into what are called Waterholes, as in where internet consumers spend more time socialising online regardless the gadget in use.

The Waterhole Theory dictates that the brand or business now needs to go back to the basic of living in the wild – HUNTING and GATHERING of consumers, cash, and brand loyalty, within the waterholes.


When the Sales Engineer has established a Waterhole, there must be able to move forward and become a Crowd Scientist, able to influence the consumer’s buying habits.

The Crowd Scientist understands the aerodynamics of verbal energy, controlling the attention of his crowd with calculated verbal eruptions that are designed to stimulate jubilation and continual consumption.

The verbal eruptions of a Crowd Scientist are aimed at redirecting consumer traffic to the brand’s utopia. This is the place where every brand promises consumers yet many seldom reach. 

Every consumer standing in a crowd has a desire to be singled out and the Crowd Scientist has the ability to make each consumer feel as though they are the only ones.


The Sales Engineer, after mastering crowd science, must also be able to make it rain, making rain being the object of sales; rain being money and sales volumes.

The RAINMAKER Theory denotes that every rainfall and every storm within a season of rain has an author and that is the person to watch as opposed to gauging the strength of the rainfall only. 

In science, Rainmaking, also known as artificial precipitation, is the act of attempting to artificially induce or increase precipitation, usually to stave off drought.

In business, the term is also used metaphorically to describe the process of bringing new clients into a professional practice, such as law, architecture, consulting, advertising, or investment banking – in general, processes that bring money into a company.


In Brand Ideology, as is in Sales Engineering, there is a thought that supposes if your brand were a MIRACLE; its execution in the market of Zimbabwe must be as Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa.

A brand must become law in its market and Brand Makandiwarisation allows the necessary thought instruments that become legal as they are executed.

Brand Makandiwarisation is a deliberation of delivering miracle after miracle of a brand in the presence of critics; though the amusement of your audience. 

As are Gravity or Negative Elevation are laws, thus must be the presence and performance of your brand as that of Miracles when they are Makandiwarised. 


Selling is getting results not making effort of sales, and in Sales Engineering, EFFORT should always be measured against RESULTS in order to understand SPREZZATURA.

SPREZZATURA means “a certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it”.

Simplified, SPREZZATURA means “Effortlessness” and that can be measured, as it translates to the level of influence that is afforded an individual that possesses it in their sphere of existence.


Most sales people that do not understand the need for results of subscribe to what we call The Mugeyism Theory.

MUGEYISM dictates that an individual confidently fails in the midst of an easy to score opportunity.

With this theory we can understand what makes SALES REPS fail to deliver sales yet demand salaries and commissions at the end of the month.

This theory also helps us understand how overzealous LEADERS seems to be like clouds without water and complain more than they deliver.

In the mind of the MUGEYIST there is an assumption of having scored already before the actual scoring process happens causing them to deliver the worst finish evident to all.

In reality, the MUGEYIST will be positioned to deliver a bolt of a goal, yet somehow is not standing proper and is not moving at the pace as they should, nor looking focussed.

At the end of the day what will get you to the next round in a tournament of life and business is to score the crucial goal.


In order to avoid or curb the Mugeyism theory, the Sales Engineer must strive to be a Nyengologist with a 424 football formation.

The 424 is a rare attack formation only used by confident sales persona.

Only a NYENGOLOGIST can understand the paramount importance of the delivery of such a performance on whatever task at hand – SALES.

A NYENGOLOGIST is a skilled verbal artisan that crafts landmark proposals that are unanimously accepted by recipients – CUSTOMERS.


Every Sales Engineer at some point must become the CENTRE FORWARD of the team represented.

A good Sales Engineer, having been injured in the past, received several yellow and red cards for suspected foul play, still stands to play another day. 

Other sales people will still preach his name like a crusade, whilst he delivers goal after goal for the team.


The MAKING of SALES ENGINEERS is available as a training session for all sizes of businesses, for direct and indirect sales people, offered by under The WAR School, a consortium of practising Sales, Branding, Public Relations and Team Building experts.

Become a Sales Engineer today.

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