The Limited Edition CEO

Zimbabwe Motor Distributors, Founders, 1981 Zimbabwe Motor Distributors, Founders, 1981

Think Impossible. Think Generational Leadership.

Before many executives drive it “Tobby” would have driven it ages before; a Limited Edition, that being his leadership style.

Tobias Musariri Jnr is a rare breed of African sons, as he took over from where his father and mentor, the late Tobias Musariri Snr left off at Zimbabwe Motor Distributors (ZMD).

The story of ZMD and Tobias’s journey begins with his father in 1981, when ZMD opened its doors, and has been committed to bringing quality products to customers across the country that are supported by unmatched customer service.

This mindset has afforded them a mind share, unmatched, in every Zimbabwean truck owner of the home of Bedford since then, and they grew the business nationwide.

Tobias Musariri Snr in his dispensation at ZMD has also served on many boards such as Chairman of Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZNWA), Chairman of Zimbabwe Development Corporation (ZDC), Councilor and Chairman of the City of Harare Finance Committee, and the Director of Hwange Safaris.

After completing a BSc in Business Administration at Butler University in USA, Tobias Musariri Jnr joined M&M Motors after completing college in 1994 as Operations Manager running a vehicle dealership for a wide range of vehicles such as Mazda. 

Proving his leadership and business acumen, Tobias Musariri Jnr went on acquire majority shareholding in ZMD in 2004, beginning a new dispensation. This ensuring ZMD kept its place as a major contender in the Motor industry in Zimbabwe. 

In African business societies, sons often assume their fathers roles without effort and assumptions are made that they possess the right attributes; not so with the Musariri family of ZMD.

Like the Buffalo; Nyathi as it is called, Tobias took over by establishing himself as a bull that was reward with the right station as CEO of the new ZMD.

With the strength and elegance of an African buffalo, Nyathi is fast advancing the cause of ZMD, from Bedford in the 80’s to MAN and Volkswagen trucks.

Tobias Musariri Jnr, amongst other executive duties, has a passion for drag racing and bikes and is usually found racing with his sons during the weekends.

Whilst many CEOs are found playing golf as the executive gnome dictates in Harare, Tobias Musariri Jnr prefers the ramp, tracks and road.

Notwithstanding his eloquence, Tobias Musariri Jnr will not be found on stage like many, but give an opportunity to present his case you are guaranteed of a sale.

He is in his own league of influence, with the ability to charm clients into investing in passenger vehicles, with or without a budget per se.

The Musariri family has earned respect over the years in Zimbabwe, owing mainly to the how father and son were best of friends and ran the business.

The Tobias Musariri leadership model was a lethal Old School/New School strategy that has seen ZMD withstanding all kinds of pressure to date, rising for dominance in the Motor industry in Zimbabwe.

One can only imagine where Tobias Musariri Jnr’s sons will take ZMD; probably moving to bikes, trains or planes even. 

Whithersoever Zimbabwe’s economy has moved; the Musariri led ZMD is a good example of how a business can grow and be handed down from one generation to another.

Business leadership that is handed over from father to son is rare in Zimbabwe and Africa; the Musariri family being a Limited Edition.

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