INDUNA Magazine, Summer 2014 Digital Edition INDUNA Magazine, Summer 2014 Digital Edition

Think Impossible. Think Magazine Branding.

Within the thought of Brand Ideology, when a brand or product is released it must achieve nothing short of Murder, and INDUNA Magazine is “MURDER” she "WROTE”.

As the founding Editor, Zanele Mhlaba puts it, “INDUNA MAGAZINE is a lifestyle magazine for younger Zimbabwean women. It is a platform for issues that are relevant and exciting to them.”

Murder committed by the brand INDUNA is not bloody but is a brainy affair of creative wit coupled with deliberated effort, communicated with precision.

In Branding Ideology, murder by a well-executed brand or product release is not a crime; it is a statement to competition and a higher level of penetration in the mind share a market.

INDUNA Magazine, rather, Zanele, has made a statement whilst accumulating enough amounts of mind share in the social publication arena in Zimbabwe for “younger women” as she puts it.

“Simplified INDUNA means leader”, as she put it across to me, which is exactly what she did, led. Zanele lead the compilation of the magazine with precision and passion, working no less than 25 hours a day in the last week prior publication.

“Your Copy is here”, was the email I received yesterday morning as INDUNA Magazine announced the publication of their “summer 2014 Digital Edition”, nothing short of precision and well executed thoughtful articles.

The best description of Zanele Mhlaba is “MURDER “she” WROTE”, as it is now impossible to separate her from her work exhibited by INDUNA Magazine.

“MURDER “she” WROTE” is a thought that denotes the ideologies explained in MURDERATION Branding from the book Brand Ideology.

The ideology dictates that within MODUS OPERANDI of your business or brand you are allowed to stage murder. Staging murder is what Zanele did by the carefully deliberated execution of her magazine INDUNA.

Brands need to realise that they are in the business of subduing competition, as is their competition to them, and there is no peace until either one dictates the market’s demands and supplies; this is the law of the jungle.

INDUNA Magazine is a social magazine, whose contributors are socialites, executives, and prominent figures in the “younger” Zimbabwean circles, who all gathered around Zanele to piece together an atomic fusion of contemporary thought and pop culture.

Based in New York, Zanele brought into her business a “Touch of Class” as the magazine’s layout and style is similar to popular global magazine brands. 

The perception of locally based Zimbabweans toward those in the Diaspora is that not understanding the local scene, but Zanele comes in to exhibit the height of local style, and elevates it to global standards.

Editors and Publishers of magazines in Zimbabwe must learn from Zanele Mhlaba as her standards are nothing short of international and her work ethics of a high caliber.

INDUNA Magazine is a well-researched publication featuring three socialite presenters on ZiFM, namely MisRed, Lo, and Ruvhneko, notwithstanding that all are copy is just as potent. 

When business was conducted on board ships and at sea, captains knew that there comes a time when you “GIVE NO QUARTER”, especially to pirates in your territory. INDUNA, with Captain Zanele on the wheel, entered and marked their territory with a release that actually says “we will leave no stone unturned”.

A victor “GIVES NO QUARTER”, when the victor shows no clemency or mercy and refuses to spare the life in return for the surrender at discretion (unconditional surrender) of a vanquished opponent. INDUNA Magazine enters and rules the socialite lifestyle publications in Zimbabwe, and does so gracefully, though possessing “dunamis” to establish self as market leader. 

Under the laws of war, " is especially declare that no quarter will be given". Yet so, under the undefined laws of competition in Market Maneuver you are not allowed to spare your competition even if they surrender a product or brand.

When competing social magazines see INDUNA, the least that they can do is salute and take a moment of silence to mourn their standards that before INDUNA were deemed high. A twenty one gun salute must be made in honor of the prior standards, but then again “makorokoto, amhlope” must be made to the new born standard of magazine publications in Zimbabwe, called INDUNA.

Even in publishing, brands must realise that business is business and there is nothing to be kind about regarding your defined competition. When time to upgrade the market, markets must be upgraded, and INDUNA Magazine does so without apologizing.

The gnome in Zimbabwean magazine publishing is to finance the magazine with advertising, but INDUNA built a professionally compiled magazine without advertising, without apology too.

INDUNA Magazine is a publication that evidently had a lot of capital injected into it, but many magazines in Zimbabwe had capital though could not achieve half the standard. 

In publishing it is not the money that goes into the thought but the thought that goes into the money for the publication. Capitalization in Brand Ideology amounts for less than 10% of the finished product as wealth is not in anything else except thought.

INDUNA Magazine has proved that there is no excuse for publishers and editors to deliver substandard products and brands to consumers.

In business, brands must take out competition by giving them an adequate “TOMB STONE”, and keep them subdued even if they will never come back again, and that can be done as an introductory statement to the market as INDUNA Magazine did.

As evident by the quality and market reception of INDUNA Magazine, it is a fact that if you are sleeping or are sloppy, your competition will not show kindness.

INDUNA Magazine has more than ten sections that include Money Matters, Careers, Hair and Beauty, Relationships, Food, Entertainment and Technology.

In the Features section INDUNA Magazine profiles the unique stories of three popular figures with article titles “Lo, Fighting for the Creative Arts”, “MisRed, Embracing Her Mistakes”, and “Ruvhneko, Making a Name for Herself”, all stories and that younger Zimbabwean women want to know.

The Editorial section enters with “The "F" Word” an article on feminism and crosses over to the recent debate of “Public Transport Should Be Safer” a must read piece based on studies carried out in other parts of the world.

In the Money Matters section INDUNA Magazine has an article written by an Actuarial Analyst who speaks about STOCKVELS titled as “Saving is the New Black”

In the Relationships section INDUNA Magazine has titles like “New Marriage, New Name” a look into the changing of the woman’s name in Zimbabwe.

INDUNA Magazine is packed with articles from beauty specialists, chefs, musician profiles, to fashion designers, fitness coaches and business people all contributing to the summer theme “FINDING YOUR VOICE”.

Without a doubt, INDUNA Magazine has found its voice and immediately started speaking about the beauty of being a first time market leader in social magazine publishing.

To INDUNA Magazine we say, “Take them out”.

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