The Harare Metropolitan Business Forum

Harare, Zimbabwe Harare, Zimbabwe

The Harare Metropolitan Business Forum is a Voluntary Advisory Team, an Initiative of Minister of State for the Provinicial Affairs (Harare Metropolitan Province), Honourable Ms Mirriam Rutendo Chikukwa MP.

Harare Metropolitan Business was established to promote business in Harare and collaborate in the Soci-economic and spiritual development of the province.

Harare Metropolitan Business Forum seeks to achieve its objectives through the participation of all stakeholders that is government, private sector and non-governmental bodies to name a few.

Harare Metropolitan Business Forum works within the provisions of ZIM ASSEST in pursuit of sustainable development and social equity anchored on indigenization and empowerment.

The key objectives of Harare Metropolitan Business Forum include promoting local and international investment in achieving sustainable economic growth and to promote corporate social responsibility among private sector players.

The organization shall endavour to work with all stake holders in the province to improve service delivery to the citizens at economic sustainable levels.

To work closely with government in sync with Section 1.8 of ZIM ASSEST which stipulates that Government will immediately implement initiatives that can yield rapid results (Quick Wins).

Ensure the Environment, Water and Sanitation needs of the Province are above board. Foster growth and development of smart safe cities.

To improve the energy provision for both residential and industrial users in the province.

Improved financial services provision for the masses improved delivery of affordable housing Introduction of efficient and customer friendly Commuter Transport.

The executive management of Business Forum is run by the Co-ordinator Mr Peter Gwaza who co-ordinates its activities and reports directly to of Minister of State for the Provinicial Affairs (Harare Metropolitan Province) Honourable Ms Mirriam Rutendo Chikukwa MP and chaired by Ms Miriam Mutizwa.

The Harare Metropolitan Business Forum was officially launched in Harare on October 6th, 2014.

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