Trademarks Journal Review, 1st Qtr 2014

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The Trademarks Journal Review, 1st Qtr 2014 The Trademarks Journal Review, 1st Qtr 2014

A bulk of Zimbabwean businesses have unrealized value in their Brands, Trade Reputation, and the long accounted for Goodwill. 

The Trademarks Journal Review by is intended on stirring the minds of executives, entrepreneurs and innovators, to accurately account for their intellectual assets.

This review is for the brand owner whose brand has been exposed to at least one more person in any market, to have concern on how to protect and enjoy the rights thereof. in partnership with Registered Patent and Trademark Agents, complies The Trademark Journal Review, which in turn is published by and sponsors.

Insight into the trends covered in this period ending March 31st, 2014, would indicate growth or vibrancy in the Construction, Pharmaceutical, Electronics and Food industries.

Evidently, the Construction industry is growing with the protection of related products and services with paints and supplies being lead.

The first Quarter ends March 31st, 2014, and more Reviews will be published every quarter.

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