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An adventure story.

One time, legend speaks, the NITEWOLF travelled across the lands, forests, mountains and valleys, to rescue elephants in Hwange, away from preying humans, and poisonous waters.

Another tale says once in winter, the NITEWOLF, with the help of his friends, rescued four lion cubs from hunters in Kariba, after their mother had been strangled to death by a wire for five days.

It all began this one night under the shinning moon of Valley View in the Eastern Highlands, when the NITEWOLF swore on his father’s death bed that he will live the rest of his life saving fellow animals from trouble.

The NITEWOLF was raised by his brave father and mother in the depth of the valley, where they woke up and went to bed in the midst of plenty, and his father went about rescuing and travelling with smaller animals.

This is the legendary tales of the NITEWOLF from the forest of the Savannah, south of the earth, the land of plenty animals, trees, and life.

LEGEND of the NITEWOLF is a Children’s adventure suitable for wild young and old boys that love animal adventure stories.

Click DOWNLOAD below to download a colouring sheet for your children, available here to practice with the NITEWOLF as we tell his legend.

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